Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly October 2013


Reporter - A Heady Brew

Rhode Island has relied on a three-tiered system to produce, distribute and sell alcohol. Brewers and wineries want to cut out the middleman, but have met stiff industry opposition.

Fall Getaways!

5 easy weekend getaways that remind us why autumn is our favorite time of year.

At Home: Photo Album

Life only slows — and not much — when this well-known photographer and his family are ensconced in the Jamestown house they reshaped to look nothing like its bland former self.

2013 Design Awards

There are more reasons than ever to celebrate our nineteenth annual Design Awards.


Fratelli’s has little interest in remaking the burger; its goal is just to make it good.


Owners Kara and Frankie Cecchinelli have infused their space with character.

Taylor Swift: The New Girl

When famously confessional pop star Taylor Swift bought a house in one of the state’s most reserved communities, the neighbors wondered how they might make her feel welcome. Then came the paparazzi.

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