Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly October 2012

11 Great Fall Getaways

The Grande

With well-executed, crowd-pleasing favorites, the Grande is an outpost of French cuisine in the heart of (very Italian) Federal Hill. Will it hold its own?

The Providence Granola Project

They face language barriers, separation from their families and economic chaos as they struggle to build a new life here. But Rhode Island’s refugees enrich us far more than we know.

11 Great Fall Getaways

When summer temperatures and crowds dwindle, it’s time for a road trip. Whatever your type — foodie, adrenaline junkie, relaxation expert — we’ve found perfect places for a weekend autumn getaway. So grab a map and plot your escape before winter arrives.

Design Awards

Stars! Presenting the stunning new houses, redos and anything-but-humdrum office spaces that captured our eighteenth-annual Design Awards.