Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly November 2012

Best Burgers


Bold flavors and simple preparations push diners into new culinary territory that’s both exotic and comfortably familiar.

Abyssinia  333 Wickenden St., Providence, 454-1412, abyssinia-restaurant.com. Hours Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Wheelchair accessibility is a challenge. Street parking. Cuisine Ethopian.  Capacity About fifty between two floors. Vibe Like someone designed a pop-up restaurant in your nineteenth-century home.  Prices Appetizers $4.95–$8.95, entrees $6.95–$18.95, gulp — no dessert. Karen’s picks All variations of wot (spicy chicken,…

Burger Bliss!

In a test of taste and digestive agility, we sampled the best burgers in the state — from the turkey patty to the two-pounder and all the condiments in between.

Messy, drippy, or cheese-laden, often casual, sometimes luxe, few dishes are as bodacious as the burger. From a modest turkey patty to an indulgent two-pounder of Angus beef, we sampled 46 creative variations from all over the state . So break out the bib, bring on the condiments and dig into Rhode Island’s favorite comfort food!   The Classic Served…

Jack Reed – The Good Soldier

In the rancorous mosh pit that’s Washington politics, why would a liberal, unflashy workhorse like Jack Reed — the only member of Rhode Island’s delegation not in this year’s election crosshairs — want to stick it out in the Senate?

Pretend you’re a professional political consultant, flipping through resumes of potential candidate-clients. There’s the vociferous ideologue, the one who rallies the base by promising never to compromise with the other side. There’s the rich businesswoman, who can give her campaign a solid financial head-start and tap wealthy friends for contributions. Then you look at another contender, a quiet, middle-aged son…


November 2012

  Questionable Education   Having recently reviewed the September 2012 issue’s article about the top high schools in Rhode Island, I find that it does not accurately reflect the true state of education here in the Ocean State and gives your readers a false sense of accomplishment by the Rhode Island public education community as a whole . Had you…

Wheeling and Dealing – Food Trucks

Food trucks are gaining more and more popularity in Rhode Island, and while Providence embraces them, there’s an escalating rivalry among some restaurants and trucks, and sometimes even the trucks themselves.

The clock ticks to noon on a late summer Thursday, and six food trucks are lined up in front of Burnside Park across from Kennedy Plaza. Orange, red, yellow and white vehicles are tricked out with kitchens, walk-up windows and modern logos. They serve everything from L.A.-style tacos and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to French and Korean cuisine. The sleekest…

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