Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly May 2014

Rhode Island’s Physicians Name the 168 Best in the State.

Ask the Doctor: Skin Cancer

The state’s top dermatologist, Lynn Iler, shares some misconceptions about the most common cancer in the United States.

Healthy Pampering

Safe, local products and services for people with health-challenged skin.


Malt is the happy mash-up of a friendly Newport bar with a sleek and successful dinner menu.

At Home: Friendly Co-Workers

Many less familiar plants like we’ve corralled here can mingle with your favorite, say, petunias on the deck. Then — how great is this? — move inside to keep you company all winter.

Ballerina, M.D.

Colleen Cavanaugh, an East Providence OB/GYN, fused her two passions when she founded Part of the Oath, a contemporary ballet company that performs dances inspired by breast cancer, nutrition and bullying.

Earthly Delights

Great gardens don’t happen overnight. For years, these thoughtful owners and their skillful designer have fine-tuned to get spectacular results. Every plant, including the roses, pulls its weight.