Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly May 2012


Mary Donnelly

Mary Donnelly has spent more than half a century caring for Block Islanders — and she’s not ready to retire yet.

Taking the Cake

One native Rhode Islander’s journey to discover the best clam cake spots in the state.

Jamestown Fish

A new seafood restaurant in Jamestown proves that less is more and that a fresh, understated menu can be addictive.

Top Doctors 2012

Physicians across Rhode Island name their picks for the state's best specialists.

A State of Hope

With the support of their doctors and therapists, five locals beat the odds and overcome bleak diagnoses.

The Secret Disorder

A psychiatrist at Rhode Island Hospital is changing the course of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a shadowy, under-recognized condition marked by obsessions with imagined or minor physical defects.