Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly May 2007


Touching the Right Nerve

After twenty years of therapy, antidepressants and hospitalization, Kathy Forant decided to try one last thing to ease her severe depression: a new nerve-stimulation treatment pioneered at Butler Hospital.

Splitting Hairs

After radiation treatment for three brain tumors left her nearly bald, Amy Finn couldn’t find a hair implant surgeon who would take her insurance. Until she met one doctor who said he’d do it for free.

A Good Fit

Barbara Laterra suffered from knee pain for years, and in 2006 she received the first gender-specific knee implant in Rhode Island. Now she can finally go for a walk without crying.

Double Trouble

Her doctors told her if she ever wanted to have children, she would have to abort her twins. But last-minute Googling led Heidi Ramsay Caruso to two Rhode Island physicians who finally gave her hope.

She Will Survive

Hearing a diagnosis of cancer once is bad enough. Living to hear it a second time is a nightmare. But Anne Fleet fought back, with the help of one doctor who was convinced she’d make it through.