Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly June 2010


Team Players

More than 160 guests attended a fundraiser at the International Tennis Hall of Fame for the Tuesday Night Athletic Foundation to benefit youth athletes and area sports programs.

Game Changer

Hasbro Children’s Hospital’s annual gala, “In it for Life,” featuring a special performance by musician Livingston Taylor, raise a record-breaking $880,000.


Known more for its cocktails than its cuisine, Temple is betting big that a new Mediterranean menu will draw destination diners.

Out Takes

Hasbro Children’s Hospital’s “In It for Life” gala; Tuesday Night Athletic Foundation’s fundraiser.

There's No Place Like Nowhere

Thirty years ago this month, John Lennon left Newport on a small boat headed for Bermuda. He hoped the five-day voyage would unlock his musical writer’s block. It turned out to be the ride of his life.


One year later, the global waiver that allowed Rhode Island to go its own way on Medicaid has patients worrying that budget cuts, not innovation, are the prescription.

Heaven Sent

Forget a wing and a prayer. Transforming this supersize building entailed a serious devotion to artful living.

Down the Garden Path

Bringing all her talents to bear, a passionate Saunderstown gardener creates a green and memorable paradise.