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Reporter – The State Pension System

The state pension system is in the red to the tune of $9.4 billion, and everyone agrees it’s a mess. The trick is finding the gumption to fix it.

Mary Riley worked her way up the ladder to a middling rung. As a financial clerk for various state institutions, Riley, sixty-one, has helped keep the books while earning a modest living. But her talent for greasing the gears of accounting is useless for retirement math.  She knows that she never missed an 8.75 percent payment into the system in…

Top Dentists

Local dentists name their 123 picks for the best practitioners in the state. Plus: tips on making your dentist visit more blissful, what it really means to get wired, and the skinny on making your smile sparkle.

No More ExcusesThe right dentist can help ease your fears.So many of our fears are provoked by false alarms, and dentists’ offices are ripe with sights, smells and sounds that trigger old anxieties. Sure, when you were a kid, the whine of a dentist’s drill or the sight of a needle seemed threatening enough. If your earliest memories of seeing…


Bridge’s span is broad: killer views, a deep drink list and a menu with everyman appeal. The weather’s finally warm. Will the crowds trek to Westerly?

Bridge 37 Main St., Westerly, 348-9700, bridgeri.com. Open for lunch and dinner daily. Downstairs dining is fine for wheelchairs. Parking lot. Cuisine Pub food meets raw bar. Capacity A couple hundred filtered into several rooms. Vibe Somewhere between frat house and summer home, depending on where you’re perched. Prices Appetizers $5–$11, entrees $8–$20, desserts $5–$7. Karen’s picks Raw bar, nachos,…

Cory Bellucci – Blues Brother

Cory Bellucci is a self-taught musical phenom who thrills his fans with riffs on love, loss and inspiration. Just your typical fourteen-year-old.

Getting Cory Bellucci to talk about himself is not easy. If you ask him how his day went, he might respond with a shrug and, if you’re lucky, a simple “good.” This should not come as much of a surprise. Cory is a teenager, a mere fourteen years old, and like most teenagers he speaks sparingly — at least around grown-ups.But put…


July 2011

Reckless as a Rule After reading your article on Colin Foote and about the heartbreak of his untimely death, it reminded me that Rhode Island needs to fix its boating laws as well as traffic laws. Last year, two young women who were out on a boat were killed on the same date that Colin died. One of them was…

Summer Guide

Summer ’10 was one of the hottest on record, prompting us to think hard about the best ways to stay sane anywhere north of Blue Shutters Beach. So here, we bring you 41 ways to have fun in, on, at or near the water this summer — no air conditioning required.

In the Swim– Ben RobinsonOn this particular morning, it’s not about relaxing on my beach towel, reading a good book or tossing a Frisbee. Today, I’m swimming in Tuesday Night Athletic Foundation’s (TNAF) annual Open Water Challenge, a one-mile open-water swim typically held at Sachuest Beach every September. It raises funds for young local athletes. With Hurricane Igor looming off…

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