Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly January 2015


Secret Rhode Island

You think you know Rhode Island. 
This state doesn’t cover many square miles, after all. But do you really?

Metacom Kitchen

At Metacom Kitchen, the elegant menu and rustic decor reflect the quiet confidence of its talented chef.

FIT For Life

Your motivation for wanting to be fit may change with age, but one thing is constant: Exercise can benefit everyone, and it’s never too late to start.

Safe Haven

With her small band of volunteers, Deidre Sharp rescues abandoned horses and shelters them at her farm. It’s a mission she struggles to afford, but one she can't give up.

Testing 1, 2, 3

From vaccinations to standard screenings, there are measures every adult should take to stay on top of their health.

A Hefty Burden

Rhode Island spends more than half a billion dollars annually on obesity-related health costs, and the state government picks up 64 percent of that tab. There are action plans in place to curb the obesity epidemic in Rhode Island, but are these initiatives enough to tip the scales?

At Home: Stop and Shop

Maybe you don’t want to snap up an eighteenth-century chest or a ’50s painting at midnight. But you can. Purchasing antiques and collectibles online is painless (PJs allowed), once you know the ropes.

The Ice Storm

Ann Hood writes about how life’s scariest moments can sneak up when we least expect them.