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January 2012

  Separation Clarification Thank you for the lovely review of Castle Hill Inn’s chef’s menu in the November issue . We are thrilled you enjoyed it and honored to have Karsten Hart as our new executive chef. One important point to clarify that was included in the review: The Castle Hill bride is one-of-a-kind, and as such we offer only…

A Dream Deferred

America has long had a debate about immigration and whether undocumented immigrants should be entitled to in-state tuition. The issue rages on at the state and national level.

Right now, Deivid Ribeiro’s post-graduation plan is to model himself after Albert Einstein. Formal education was a famously hostile environment for Einstein’s febrile mind. The twentieth century’s greatest theoretical physicist did much of his early work in self-study, publishing papers that were accepted by prestigious scientific journals while working as a patent examiner. By the time Einstein, a German citizen,…

Rhode Island Red Awards

The Dumbest moments in 2011

Some years there are so many worthy candidates, it’s hard to decide who is most deserving of our Rhode Island Red Awards dedication. Not this time, no siree — this year’s recipient stands head and shoulders above the others. Let’s hear it for that big, bloated, nonsensical fiasco of sweetheart deals, creative accounting and taxpayer agita that was decades in…

Global Conscience

Barrington mom Navyn Salem’s factory makes a peanut paste that’s proven to save the lives of children around the world. Can she make malnutrition a thing of the past?

Navyn Salem was roasting marshmallows around a bonfire in Nantucket with her husband and four daughters one evening last July, but her mind was half a world away.  It was the peak of the famine last summer in the Horn of Africa, where ten million people faced the worst drought in sixty years. Stories of refugees streaming into camps in…

Muse by Jonathan Cartwright

At Muse, the chef’s tasting menu combines rich, classic cuisine with a fresh, American approach.

Muse by Jonathan Cartwright  41 Mary St., Newport, 846-6200, vanderbiltgrace.com. Hours Open for dinner seven nights a week. Reservations strongly suggested. Wheelchair accessible. Valet parking. Cuisine New England ingredients, French technique, elite attitude. Capacity About forty with copious amounts of room. Vibe The recurring dream of waking up in a mansion that suddenly belongs to you comes true.  Prices Four…

Bucket List

Things Every Rhode Islander Should Eat, See and Do!

Rhode Island is the smallest state in America, but it has so much to offer that many natives live their entire lives without taking advantage of all the activities, meals, sights and sounds that make the Ocean State unique. Here is the definitive list of things that make up the quintessential Rhode Island experience — from beaches to orchards, music…

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