Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly January 2009


The Loft

With a high-concept design and a high-octane cocktail menu, the Loft is looking to give Providence partygoers good reason to visit Warwick.

Ride The Wild Surf

Rhode Island is home to points and reefs that can set up the perfect surf session. But pristine waves come with a price—crowds, extreme conditions and the need for experience have driven a few hardy locals to test their limits and ingenuity to find the ultimate ride.

Big Little Cheese

Four Shy Brothers who loved their quiet life on the family farm found a leap into cheese-making brought renewed hope and unaccustomed notoriety.

RI Scene

Rhode Island Monthly’s Partner-Related Events and Promotions

Rhode Island Red Awards

All the weird, bizarre and just plain dim-witted moments that have added a psychedelic glow to life in our fair state in 2008.

Last Hurrah

Two-hundred-fifty people took jabs at recently retired Providence Journal political columnist M. Charles “Charlie” Bakst at the Fund for Community Progress’ roast. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Roberts and columnist Bob Kerr teased Bakst about everything from his unkempt yard to his signature red suspenders. The event netted $36,000 for the local nonprofits the Fund supports.

Seeing Stars

Award-winning actress Sigourney Weaver headlined Women & Infants’ biannual celebrity luncheon series held at the Convention Center. More than 1,000 fans turned out to hear the star of Alien, Ghostbusters, Working Girl and, most recently, Baby Mama talk about her life and work. The event raised $650,000 for the hospital’s ONWARD Campaign, which will fund a new eighty-bed neonatal intensive care unit.

The Tax Mire

Years of silly policies have helped create a record fiscal crisis. But if state budgets reveal what matters to us, it’s time to carefully consider our priorities.