Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly February 2013

Our guide to beer, brewing, microbrews and home brewing in Rhode Island.


This small, new West Side eatery pushes culinary boundaries with a hip and challenging menu. Will diners follow?

Hidden Treasure

A holdout in the jewelry business that’s still going strong, Wolf E. Myrow’s beads and baubles have inspired generations of artists and jewelry designers.

Beer Me!

A truly good brew requires much more than malt, hops, yeast and water. So grab a cold one and drink in all the places, people and pints that are priming our little state to make it big in the beer world.

A Storm Too Soon

Four Rhode Island-based sailors set off from the Virgin Islands six years ago, only to encounter a deadly storm off the coast of North Carolina. Survivors and rescuers are now telling the tale of what it was like on the water that terrible day.