Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly December 2014


Powerful Women

Thirty women with serious clout in Rhode Island.


Move over Federal Hill. There’s a new Italian restaurant downtown that’s giving old-school competitors a run for their money.

At Home: Beauty Secrets

The smartest women keep their, ahem, makeover adventures to themselves. This ravishing Providence house isn’t telling all, and a whiff of mystery just adds to her charm.

Style: Head Turners

This holiday, indulge your favorite someone with stunning one-of-a-kind pieces, fashioned by local artists.

Director Andrew Pilkington Calls the Shots

At twenty-two, Andrew Pilkington is determined to make it in movies. Like most directors, he likes to call the shots. And like many, he’s confronting a unique set of obstacles.

Santa Bikes

Sol Chariots helps deliver overflow UPS packages by pedal-power.

Outside the Box

Nix generic gift cards this holiday season in favor of more thoughtful fare. These crafty classes will help you step up your gift-giving game. By Caylin Harris