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Pecking Orders   Thank you so much for the great piece about Rhode Island Families in Nature in the March issue . I’ve already started seeing an increase in new members!In the paragraph about Wilcox Park, you mentioned “designating outdoor tasks, such as feeding the birds.” I’m a little worried that people will interpret this as feeding birds in parks — or worse,…

In a Class by Themselves

In the midst of the noise, accusations and negative publicity that plague Central Falls High School, some students are fighting to rise above the turmoil.

The alarm rings at six. Her first class at Central Falls High School doesn’t start for two hours, but Yessica Galdamez is already up. There’s so much to do: a hot shower, a bowl of Lucky Charms, a quick text message to a friend. Should she wear leggings or jeans? The top is never easy, but this morning she settles…

American Pie

Thin crust or thick, round or square, nothing has become a culinary fetish like pizza. Hot at night, cold in the morning and eaten on the run during the day, it’s an obsession that can’t be fully fed. Here’s where to go for the perfect pie.

NEAPOLITAN Commonly referred to as “thin crust,” Neapolitan uses “0” or “00” flour, a particularly refined variety that renders a delicate crust. Pies are cooked in wood-burning or coal ovens that impart a smoky flavor to the crackling dough, which is topped with restrained amounts of San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and a host of other traditional and innovative ingredients….

Don't Mess with Jim Hummel

Fed up with TV journalism, investigative reporter Jim Hummel took his act solo — and online. The Hummel Report has broken big stories and gotten people fired, and people often leave any room he enters. But can this new model succeed?

Hummel spent thirteen years as a Providence Journal reporter, and another thirteen as an investigative reporter for Channel 6 doing, among other things, “You Paid For It” segments. Now he’s on his own with The Hummel Report, a website devoted to uncovering government waste and corruption. The easy way he gets his story: public employees or elected officials come clean…

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