Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly April 2009


Quick, escape.

Whether you yearn for a secluded seaside retreat or crave a big city scene, these 10 quick getaways provide the perfect mini escape. All are in New England, less than a tank of gas away, so none require a lot of time or money. Go ahead, pack your bag—a great weekend awaits.

Broadway Bistro

Chef Patrick Lowney takes a modern approach to comfort food at his Broadway Bistro. And in the process breaks out of the tired meatloaf-and-mash mold.

Rhodies Rule!

These New England favorites enliven any landscape and ask little in return.

Shifting Gears

A rundown garage undergoes a traffic-stopping transformation. In its new life it’s a chic cottage characterized by an enviable open floor plan and modern aesthetic.

World of Extremes

In the state’s smallest, most isolated, and most seasonal of towns, summer and winter are worlds apart. That’s something Block Island residents love–or leave.

The Roads Crisis

Here and across the country, we don’t have enough money to support our highway, byway and bridge habit. Raising the money will mean taking a path so far untravelled.