Rhode Island Monthly - Rhode Island Monthly April 2008


After Hours

We trailed Nina Kooloian Tegu, proprietor of Studio Hop, home. And what did we find? The sunny lair she shares with her husband and son reflects her personal aesthetic—just like her Providence shop—in every way.

Watching Your Waste

Once, Rhode Island led the country in recycling. Now we trail the pack, and it could cost us more than just big money.

Om School

Our guide to yoga in Rhode Island.

Border Beer Run

Just over the state line in bucolic Westport, Massachusetts, you’ll find a thirst-quenching brew crafted with a conscience.

Bad Girls

Doing time in the Rhode Island Training School is punishment for young women who break the law. What’s surprising is how many would rather be in the big house than out.

Don't Touch that Dial

There’s telenovela drama in this radio saga. Rhode Island’s public radio station was the neglected stepchild of WBUR before being cast off without warning. When the Boston station got a new patriarch, it was welcomed back to the fold. Stay tuned as WRNI becomes free at last.