International Appeal in Providence

Providence-based jewelry company House of Cach's edgy designs are now featured in Italian Vogue.

Jewelry designed in Providence’s West End is now gracing the pages of Italian Vogue.

Alexa Cach, who owns jewelry design company House of Cach with Molly Gately, has been working with stylists to get the word out about their edgy cuffs, neckpieces and other jewelry, but getting featured in the fashion bible was “completely unexpected.”

“We’ve been through the whole rounds of almost not believing it and now we’re like, oh my God, it did happen,” says Cach.

A blonde model snarls in one photo in the magazine, a House of Cach neckpiece made from an acrylic base, Italian leather, freshwater pearls and African turquoise. In the other photo, the model appears in a shadow, wearing a white ruffle neckpiece House of Cach made from parts of earrings from the 1980s and a cuff made of the acrylic base, clear quartz cubes and metal components. The pieces are all part of a line called Ten that House of Cach designed to accompany designer Jonathan Joseph Peters’s Miami collection.

Cach and Gately started the company in 2009. They had owned a jewelry company together years ago and sold their pieces in 135 stores. But they weren’t designing anything they wanted to wear. This time, their focus is art-based.

“We’re trying to make a statement instead of just having a line, which in my mind the fashion industry is moving away from,” Cach says.

Their designs are all handmade and one-of-a-kind and limited editions. House of Cach uses a range of materials, depending on the project, from semiprecious stones and leathers to feathers and spent bullet casings. Their office is located on Barton Street, above designer Katerina Pedersen's apartment.

For some projects, House of Cach's contributors collaborate on art-based themes. They’re now working on pieces for a gallery show in New York that deals with the conflict between religion and sexual orientation. But House of Cach also sells its creations online and wholesale. They're available at Flaunt in Smithfield and Paloma and Lola’s in Providence.

House of Cach also does a lot of custom work, from guitar straps to bridesmaids’ accessories. People can make an appointment to come by the studio and check out the materials by calling 263-1522.