In the March issue

Anyone who’s bought a house will tell you a) it’s exciting, and b) can turn into a bottomless hole into which you throw every penny you have (cue the movie “The Money Pit”). Clint and Kelly Clemens rode that rollercoaster when they bought a historic Newport firehouse. Find out how they survived the nightmare of tearing down their potential dream house and what emerged from the rubble in “The Chutes and Ladders House.”

And …we don’t have any money, and we know that you don’t have any money either, which is why we were psyched to find all these great home and garden bargains, from really cheap appliances to cute little pottery items to spruce up your nest, in “Tag Sale.” Plus, if you’ve got the guts and the stamina, you too can buy a foreclosed house and live, maybe not like a queen, but at least like one of the villagers. Learn the pitfalls and the pluses in “Buying from the Bank.” Now that’s a deal.