In Defense of Those Pancakes

A little while ago, a story made the rounds about this dad who cooked 3D pancakes for his kid. Some people thought he had way too much time on his hands, but everyone agreed they were fantastic. I checked out his website, and I’m not in the too-much-time camp. You can tell this guy and his daughter have a lot of fun dreaming up wild pancakes and seeing if he can pull them off. (He always does — and he’s got the birdhouse, carousel and toilet pancake to prove it.) But that’s not the real point, which is, of course, that this kid will never forget spending time with her dad. Also, it’s neat to see a beehive pancake and realize you could actually make it yourself.

Craftopia is Sunday, which is what got me thinking about handmade stuff and why we love it: not only is it more meaningful, but it can make you look at things in a new way. It’s clever like that.

If you’ve never been to Craftopia, that extravaganza of locally handmade arts and crafts, you are going to love it. (I don’t know you from Adam, but  you will love it.) You will also find awesome gifts. Gift-giving is so fun when the person opens the box and doesn’t start feeling around for the receipt.

The list of vendors this weekend is amazing, and you can see them all here, everything from mini-paper-umbrella lampshades (so cute for a kid’s room!) to  Stella Marie soaps (the oatmeal-and-honey De La Soap is so good, it’s ridiculous).

There’s also: Apiary’s cheery aprons, fused glass jewelry from Art Salad Studio, Lucky Monkey pots (I just fell in love with a chicken mug), hand-printed vintage bags by Shara Porter and the coolest cards around by Heather Jeany. And still more.

Are you going? Have I convinced you yet? Please don’t make me tell you the heartwarming story of the handmade wax ornament on our family tree. 

Sunday, November 14, 10-5
Hope Artiste Village, 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket
$1 admission
(And tons of free parking at the Hope Artist Village, as always)