I'll See You At The Bar

So, the Bars and Nightlife issue landed in subscribers’ mail boxes this morning (it’ll be on news stands soon). I thought I’d celebrate by thanking the hundreds of you who participated in a survey over the winter that helped us gather information about Rhodey drinking habits.
You pointed us toward some great bars: gorgeous reader favorites Local 121 and The Avery ended up on the cover and inside opener, respectively, and favorite bartenders like the Ivy’s Rob Duncanson and Tini’s Matt Arruda told us funny stories and pointed out hot new cocktail trends.
You also told us about Pour Judgement in Newport, Club Soda on Block Island, and a whole lot of other awesome places to raise a glass. We rounded things out with stories about managing hangovers, grabbing late-night food, dancing and Providence’s hip gay scene. We hope it comes in useful!
Here are the full survey results, since only a few stats made it into the print edition.

Our Survey Sez:
More than half of our respondents (54 %) went out at least once a week, and most of the remainder (33 %) at least once a month.

A quarter (26 %) say they increasingly socialize at home, either for financial reasons; because they have kids; prefer to avoid noisy bars; or don’t want to drink and drive.

Providence is the prime destination; 78 percent go out at least sometimes in the capital city. Newport and South County came next, while more people go out in Southern Mass than in the East Bay or Northern Rhode Island.

Top favorite reader hangouts around the state include: Providence’s Avery, Ivy Tavern, Local 121, The Hot Club and Tini; Newport’s Pour Judgement, Yesterday’s and The Mooring; Wakefield’s The Mews; Flair Bistro in Coventry; Ocean Mist in Narragansett; and Club Soda and Yellow Kittens on Block Island.

What do you drink?
Beer  35 %
Cocktails 31 %
Red wine 17 %
White wine 14 %
Soft drinks 3 %

Cocktails of the moment include Old Fashioneds, mojitos, dirty martinis and things with St. Germaine in them. Margheritas and Dark and Stormys also put in a solid showing. Special mention goes to an increasing interest in throw-back ingredients like rye whiskey.

How much do you drink?
1-2 drinks  40 %
3-4 drinks  46 %   
5-6  8 %       
Who’s counting? 6 %

Who do you go out to meet?
One person  15 %
A small group 78 %
Large group 5 %   
Alone 2 %

Meeting friends is the overwhelming reason why people go out.
Next on the list is de-stressing.
Then dancing, getting drunk, and hooking up, in that order.