How to Be a Good Customer

Yesterday, Nicole posted a response to a piece that’s been the talk of the blogosphere (and twittosphere and facebookosphere): Times blogger Bruce Buschel’s list of “100 Things a Restaurant Staffer Should Never Do.” It’s a good list, and I agree with most of Buschel’s points. But, having waited many a table and having catered more parties than I care to remember during my college days (and having once been directed to the nasty "servants’ bathroom" in the even nastier basement of a prominent East Sider’s home…. Really, you don’t want the wait staff to have access to hand soap. Really?!), I thought it would be fun to create another list: Things a Customer Should Never Do.

After jotting down a few, from the basic, "a simple hello goes a long way" to the absurd, "don’t insist your server has a kid when she is telling you otherwise" (yes, this happened to me), I realized a list like this already exists. And it’s a pretty damn fun list. (I have to tip my hat to anyone who uses the phrase "amuse douche" in a sentence.)

Here it is: "64 Suggestions for Restaurant Customers." Appropriately enough, it’s from the blog "I’m Your Server, Not Your Servant," by Patrick Maguire. Enjoy! (Though servers aren’t supposed to say that, right?)

PS Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section below.