How Good Are You With Money?

They say your wallet is a good indicator of your relationship with money. Mine is a disappointing display: a green pouch crammed with bills, receipts, stamps, credit cards, a license, Badger balm (best lip stuff ever), lint and pennies–oh sweet beezus, the pennies. Everything gets stuffed in there and ignored until I need to pay for something, which sums up my financial mojo. It’s so easy to auto-funnel your weekly paycheck into checking, savings and retirement accounts, which then get treated like workers on a mysteriously long lunch break–you kind of wonder what they’re up to, but there’s other stuff to think about (candy in the lobby!) and you think you have their number if there’s an emergency.

The thing is, plenty of personal financial experts will tell you that simple stuff like keeping your wallet organized and writing down what you buy really are good steps toward money mastery. It shouldn’t be that hard. So why don’t we do it? Our February feature will be all about spending and saving money, and I’m curious if there are any fellow guinea pigs out there who’d be willing to try out a few easy financial tips (like keeping an anonymous spending diary) and report back. Yes? Send me an email: