House Lust: A Majestic Retreat Surrounded by Conservation Land in Hopkinton

This extraordinary lakefront home is a feast for the senses, no matter the season.

Photos via Residential Properties.

We’re coming into a tricky real estate season in Rhode Island. Curb appeal is moot when trees are bare and flowers are defoliated. It gets dark so early; drive-by viewings don’t reveal much more than a functioning porch light. And nobody — except a masochist, maybe — chooses to move in the cold or snow.

Only truly magical places can pull off the art of the sale in the chilly season, and 39A Berrie Lane in Rockville — a village in western Hopkinton, for the uninitiated — might just be one of them. The home was listed in late October for $715,000 but has since dropped in price to $650,000.

Included in the listing is a note from the current owner, an adjunct professor of English at CCRI (you’ll see) who describes her property with such relish that I can’t help but fall madly in love with it, too. It’s a love that withstands the seasons of one’s life, from a young family making the most of the floating water slide to empty nesters watching the sun set over a frozen pond in winter.

“Every day for the last thirty years we’ve woken up, looked out the window and thanked our lucky stars that we live here,” she writes. “We wake with the birds and go to sleep with the whippoorwills [writer’s note: whippoorwills?] and croaking frogs. We have enjoyed the privilege of having the pond, wildlife and incredible sunsets seemingly all to ourselves. Every season has something spectacular to offer.”

The owner goes on to revel in the property’s year-round appeal:

Winter: “The winter pond is ever changing, either ice-covered or snow-covered, the freezing and thawing creates ethereal cracking and booming sounds that echo across the pond.”

Spring: “The first sign of spring is the arrival of the Phoebe who always nests on the house so we can watch the fledglings practice their flying skills from house to branch and through the breezeway. Then comes the tiny painted turtles that emerge from their underground eggs in the gardens and scurry down to the pond, sometimes a dozen at a time. Springtime also brings a chorus of peepers and wood frogs. The mountain laurel bloom varies from year to year and is sometimes so abundant it looks like a heavy snowfall.”

Summer: “Sweet pepperbush blooms in August and perfumes everything outside. Summer is prime time for enjoying the pond in a rowboat, a canoe or on standup paddle boards. Of course there’s swimming and our slide that sits in the middle of the pond. Drop a line in the water and you’re almost guaranteed to catch a fish within minutes, making it especially great for kids. In August you can paddle across to the opposite shore and pick gallons of sweet, wild blueberries. Blueberries also grow on the property along with delicious peaches.”

Fall: “Fall brings beautiful color and the most spectacular sunsets of the year. You’ll see numerous birds, including the bald eagle, ospreys and the great blue herons that hunt on the edges of the pond and several species of ducks and divers.”

After three decades of careful stewardship, the Berrie Lane property is ready for its next all-seasons love story. Here’s your House Lust:

For more information on 39A Berrie Lane, contact Residential Properties’ Rebecca Mayer at 401-553-6302 or visit

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