House Lust: A Barrington Retreat With Picture-Perfect Water Views

The three-story home, now on the market, puts Hundred Acre Cove front and center.

Granite countertops and subway tiles. Dark hardwoods and built-ins. A gigantic freestanding bathtub with accompanying steam shower. All of these bells and whistles are moot when you look out a window at this Barrington waterfront house, now on the market for $799,900.

The contemporary home — once the site of a 432-square-foot one-bedroom cottage that was transformed in 2014 from the ground up, up, up — will always fall short next to its deep blue competition, and that’s okay. This dynamic is embraced at 43 Sunset Drive in Barrington, heck: even celebrated. Common spaces, bedrooms and bathrooms bow down to the glorious view of Hundred Acre Cove, and thank goodness for that.

It must be said: Not everyone sees comfort in a three-story abode, and some might find the site’s square footage comically small compared to the grassy property next door. But others might say: The climb to the third floor — the best view in the house, and probably the neighborhood —  is worth some huffing and puffing. And grass? Who needs grass when you have a big deck for cocktail hour and a big cove as your backyard, dock and all.

Here’s your House Lust:

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