House Lust: 3 RI Listings With International Influences

From a thatch-roof English cottage to an Italianate villa, these on-the-market properties transport you from the Ocean State to global destinations.

Ever drive down a street, pass an extraordinary home and think: Where did that place come from? Was it beamed here from another country? Is property teleportation a thing now?

Rhode Island boasts a wealth of architectural diversity, but a pink stucco Colonial Revival with a red tile roof — situated in suburban Cranston across the street from an elementary school, no less — is not something you see every day. Once you get inside, there’s nothing to do but step back and admire how the owners leaned into their design choice. Man, they committed. Pink carpeting and an intimidating walk-in closet? Of course. An indoor pool, too. And an entryway moat with accompanying waterfall.

With love from Spain, England and Italy by way of little Rhody, here’s your House Lust:

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