The Dish: Hope Street Merchants Offer Veggie Valet

Shoppers now have a place to store their farmers market goodies while they visit other Hope Street businesses.

Hope Street merchants are putting an end to the expression, “shop ’til you drop.” The businesses are now offering Veggie Valet on Saturdays during the Hope Street Farmers Market, so that shoppers have a place to put their heavy farmers market haul while they visit other businesses.

Nine different shops have installed refrigerators for guests to place their goods while they explore each store. “The farmers market is such a draw to our area, but often people feel they have to rush home,” says J. Marcel owner and Merchants’ Association co-president Dixie Carroll, in a release. “With this program we can help them stick around so they can knock off a variety of their errands in our village of independent and welcoming shops.”

Many times, we’ve felt the need to hurry home after grabbing some perishable items at the market. It’s much too hot to leave them in the car without a cooler, so it’s nice to know we can rely on this service the next time we head to Hope Street.

Participating businesses include Evolve Apothecary, Green River Silver, J. Marcel, Kreatelier, Olive Del Mondo, Rhody Craft, Seven Stars, Stock Culinary Goods and Studio Hop.

The Veggie Valet Service will run for the duration of the Hope Street Farmers Market season through October. For more information, go to or visit any of the stores listed above.