High Steaks

Red Meat is in. Here's everything you need to know to indulge your inner carnivore.

Rhode Island may fall dead last in beef production ($1 million in income compared to Texas’s meaty $7 billion), but people in the Northeast eat more steak per person than any other region. (Poor Californians with their itty-bitty bellies.) We want our red meat, and we want it on every high-rent corner in the city. Does this come as a shock? In the last year alone, the number of steakhouses in Providence has spiked by a whopping 75 percent. High-end beef has become a status symbol; everybody, it seems, wants to keep up with the Wagyu-obsessed Joneses. Men continue to consume nearly twice as much steak as women, diners over the age of fifty-five account for the most rapidly growing segment of steak eaters, and women, according to a recent New York Times article, eat red meat not only because they love it but because it makes them look approachable and attractive. So what do you need to know to join the ranks of the well-fed? It’s all right here.

» Where’s the Beef
» Making the Grade
» A Steak Glossary
» A Cow by Any Other Name
» I Heart Wagyu
» Prime Pairings
» Beef: It’s What’s For Dinner
» Think Global, Eat Local
» Q&A Ask the Expert
» Grass vs. Grain
» Beef Does a Body Good?