A Healthy Work Day Keeps Health Issues Away

Many working professionals feel like they just can’t fit healthy habits into their hectic work schedules. Luckily, we can help.


While health is wealth and practicing a healthy life style is important, many working professionals feel like they just can’t fit healthy habits (like exercising and eating right) into their hectic work schedules. Luckily, we can help. Read on to see how you can make healthy choices during the day, even at the office.

  1. Problem: Frequent Snacking

Eat sensibly. Munch on greens and protein for your main meal and snack on fruit,
granola bars and nuts to avoid feeling sluggish. Eating at your desk tends to make you overwork and overeat too, so get up and eat in the communal space or sit outside. Also, drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and focused enough to power through your work day. Side note: Everything is okay in moderation, so an office treat here and there is fine, just don’t stop by the kitchen for more every time you leave your desk!

  1. Problem: Poor Posture

Sitting and staring at a computer screen for several hours a day can give you a stiff, sore back. An easy solution is adjusting the height of your screen so that it is at eye level. Have a few old books lying around? Simply stack them together, pop them under your monitor and you’re good to go. If you don’t notice any immediate improvements, try deskercising. (Yes, it’s a real thing.) One move to try is the shoulder shrug: Raise both shoulders up towards your ears, hold for five seconds, slowly drop them back down and repeat until satisfied. Is your upper back still stiff? Try the pencil pinch exercise: Roll your shoulders back together and imagine that you’re holding a pencil in between your shoulder blades. Hold for five to ten seconds, release and repeat twelve to fifteen times.

  1. Problem: Lack of Physical Activity

Taking a few breaks throughout the day helps you to be more productive and gets your creative juices flowin’, so step away from your work space and take a hike! A trip to the gym during your lunch break, a walk around the block or even something as simple as an extra lap around the office after visiting a colleague will help stretch cramped muscles, alleviate sitting-induced backaches and clear up any feelings of midday grogginess.

  1. Problem: Eye Strain

A very common condition, eye strain often occurs after looking at a computer or tablet screen for long periods of time. Studies show that reducing eye strain not only benefits your overall vision, but also reduces fatigue. If you often feel tired and have trouble
focusing on the monitor, try these hacks:

  • Match the computer’s display brightness to the same level as your work environment.
  • Change all text sizes so that they are easy to read.
  • Keep blue light at a minimum; you can fiddle with your computer’s settings to adjust its color temperature.
  • Blink more often than not and make sure to step away from the screen every hour or so.