Healthy Valentine’s Day Tips

Make your Valentine's Day healthy this year with these tips and recipes from a local dietitian.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we can’t help but think of the decadent chocolate cake we’ll be consuming across the table from our date, but then, whelp, there’s goes that healthy eating resolution! But all hope isn’t lost: We spoke with dietitian Dara LoBuono of the Rhode Island Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to learn a few ways to stay healthy while still enjoying a night out (or in) with your date. 

LoBuono says the most important thing about staying on track with your diet is moderation. “Don’t deprive yourself. It is okay to give yourself permission to ‘indulge’ one meal and not to feel guilty about it,” she says. But other than restraining your gluttonous desires a tad, what else can you do? Here are some tips from LoBuono to make this Valentine’s Day your healthiest yet: 

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