Have You Goby-ed Yet?

It seems like there’s a new search engine to pop up almost weekly (I’ve still yet to Bing), but the latest one to launch (just yesterday) caught my eye. Called Goby, it’s geared toward travelers looking for something to do upon arrival at their destination, but can be used locally as well if you’re looking for, say, a bar where you can grab a burger and hear local music on Saturday night, or the off-roading trails closest to your hood. The site prompts you to fill in three search fields instead of the usual one: What would you like to do? Where? and When? Some of the results are a bit shoddy, as it culls info from multiple sites across the Web, but it also seems like it could be quite helpful should you be looking for anything from ideas for the kids on a rainy afternoon to something totally outdoorsy and adventuresome. For example, a search of live music in Rhode Island at anytime drew 226 results. Not too shabby. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.