Haunted, Yes; Dangerous, No

Rhode Island's own ghost hunters reached a conclusion on whether Providence City Hall is a hotbed of paranormal activity.

So is Providence City Hall haunted?

It’s long been rumored, and if you missed it last night, Rhode Island-based “Ghost Hunters” Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson’s investigation aired on the Syfy channel.

The ghosts of former mayor Thomas Doyle and a former city sergeant may have contined to occupy the building over the years. But the possibility of a paranormal presence grew stronger when Elise Swearingen, director of human relations for the city, heard a voice say “not today” as she left a restroom several months ago.

She knew about the show and contacted Hawes and Wilson. The former plumbers, who started The Atlantic Paranormal Society in Warwick in 1990, have gained a major following since they've appeared as investigators on the paranormal reality show since 2004.

They came to City Hall to investigate in January.

“I asked on a scale of one to ten, is it haunted? And they said yes, but no one had to fear for their safety,” Swearingen says. The Ghost Hunters heard male and female voices in the Collector’s office on the second floor, Swearingen says.

You can watch parts one and two of the episode below:

And check out the report of their investigation here. Fans of "Ghost Hunters" who missed last night's show will also be interested to learn that Wilson has announced his retirement.