Haunted House in My ’Hood

Well, now I can officially say that I live minutes from a real haunted house. Earlier this week MSN posted a list of the top ten haunted homes in the United States, featuring Cranston’s own Sprague Mansion. And we’re in good company with the likes of Winchester House, Lizzie Borden House and even the White House.

I’ve been inside the mansion at least twice and each time I have experienced a strange uneasiness. Though I’ve never actually seen a ghost, the portraits on the walls have eyes that look like they’re constantly following you, and the bedrooms are home to some of the creepiest dolls I’ve ever seen.

About fourteen years ago, one of my aunts had her wedding reception at the mansion and after the formal tour of the house, two of my cousins wandered off to explore the second-floor bedrooms. When they came back, they swore they saw something move. After that, any inkling I had to do any exploring of my own quickly vanished. But now, I’d jump at the chance to go on a ghost hunt there.

Growing up, I always heard ghost stories about the mansion and in more recent years have seen the episode of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters when the house was investigated.
I drive by the mansion a few times every week, and sometimes forget about it presumably being haunted. The mansion usually blends into the background as just another part of Cranston. But for it to be one of the top ten haunted homes in the country? Now that’s impressive.