RI Celebrity Yearbook Photos

We visited high school libraries around the state in search of old yearbook photos. Match the photos and clues below to the local and national notables.


➊. Tony Petrarca
High School: Toll Gate High School, class of 1982
You know him as: WPRI 12 chief meteorologist
Fun fact: It was his experience during the blizzard of ’78 that piqued his interest in studying weather.

➋. James Woods
High School: Pilgrim High School, class of 1965
You know him as: Academy Award-nominated actor who starred in Ghosts of Mississippi
Fun fact: He was a member of more than twenty different student groups at Pilgrim, which included the folk singing and oceanography clubs.

➌. Viola Davis
High School: Central Falls High School, class of 1983
You know her as: Academy Award-nominated actress most recently acclaimed for her role in The Help
Fun fact: She was quoted in her high school yearbook as saying, “When I’m rich and famous…,” and she went on to graduate from Rhode Island College with a degree in theater.

➍. Debra Messing
High School: East Greenwich High School, class of 1986
You know her as: Grace on “Will and Grace” and Julia Houston on “Smash”
Fun fact: In high school, she played field hockey, earned second runner-up for homecoming queen and played Sandy in Grease.

➎. Olivia Culpo
High School: Saint Mary Academy – Bay View, class of 2010
You know her as: Miss Universe 2012 Fun fact: She played cello for the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra.

➏. Charlie Day
High School: Portsmouth Abbey School, class of 1994
You know him as: Charlie on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
Fun fact: Though he donned a sailor suit in his high school production of South Pacific, he never planned on acting as a career. Professional baseball was his childhood dream.

➐. Michaela McManus
High School: Toll Gate High School, class of 2001
You know her as: Lindsey Strauss on “One Tree Hill” and Kim Greylek on “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”
Fun fact: She appears in the music video for “Glad You Came” by the Wanted.

➑. Elizabeth Beisel
High School: North Kingstown High School, class of 2010
You know her as: silver and bronze medalist in the 2012 Summer Olympics
Fun fact: Her mother was a member of the University of Rhode Island’s swim team.

➒. Sara DeCosta
High School: Toll Gate High School, class of 1996
You know her as: Olympic goalie for the 1998 and 2002 U.S. women’s ice hockey teams
Fun fact: She was voted most athletic of her graduating class. Just two years later, she took home a gold medal in the first-ever Olympic women’s ice hockey tournament.

➓. Elisabeth Hasselbeck
High School: Saint Mary Academy – Bay View, class of 1995
You know her as: talk show host and television personality
Fun fact: She was a member of Bay View’s state-champion softball team, and went on to serve as captain for Boston College’s Division 1 softball team.