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A chic stoneware canteen, a picnic basket/cooler, the venerable flouncy tunic: Here are ten must-have items for the Newport Folk Festival.

Psyched for the Newport Folk Festival this weekend? Of course you are. Whether you’re roughing it for the weekend or are there for the day, we’ve got your packing list covered with everything you need with goodies from local boutiques. All of our picks comply with the guidelines outlined in the official Newport Folk Festival handbook, because that’s the last thing you want to worry about this weekend.


1. Floppy Hat and Flouncy Tunic

This classic combo will take you from beach to dancing to dinner and back again you’ll be doing little else this weekend while keeping you cool and protected from the sun. (And fulfilling the “folk chic” dress code.)

Free people tunic, $108, and Leo Fedora by Brixton, $98, Queen of Hearts and Modern Love, 222 Westminster St., Providence.


2. Solid Body Lotion

Nothing says “good vibes” like an outdoor music festival. This solid body lotion from Moon Rivers Naturals keeps them rolling and your hands, body and lips moisturized  all while preventing spillage in your bag. A miracle product.

Good Vibes Solid by Moon River Naturals, $24, Queen of Hearts and Modern Love, 222 Westminster St., Providence.


3. Castille Soap

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Whether you’re camping or spending the night in a hotel, this castille soap from Earth and Anchor (handmade in Providence!) is a multi-tasker, keeping your bag light and everything (we mean everything) clean.

Earth and Anchor citrus and cedar handmade soap, $6.50, Stock Culinary Goods, 756 Hope St., Providence.


4. Canteen

Sure, you could bring that old plastic reusable water bottle you usually take to the gym. Or you could sip pretty with this Earth-In Canteen stoneware water bottle. Handcrafted in northern California from American clay, it is naturally non-toxic and dishwasher safe, not to mention totally chic. And how often do you hear that about a water bottle?

Earth-In Canteen, $22, Stock Culinary Goods, 756 Hope St., Providence.


5. Regulation Cooler

This basket from Peterboro Basket Company may look like an adorable picnic basket, but lift the top and it becomes a cooler. Crafted in New Hampshire and 100 percent American made with Appalachian white ash wood (the same that baseballs are made from), this is one you’ll be bringing back long after the festival.

Picnic basket cooler, $60, Stock Culinary Goods, 756 Hope St., Providence.


6. Bug Repellent (that smells good)

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You want a bug repellent, not a people repellent, especially when you’re rubbing up on strangers in the crowds. This one from Luxe Apothecary is made with an essential oil blend of citronella, lavender, eucalyptus and other yummy smells, and is no bigger than a tube of lip balm. Nava carries a selection of Luxe aromatherapy roll-ons, or you can buy them online.

Luxe Apothecary “Bug Off” essential oil roll-on, $18, Nava, 197 Wickenden St., Providence.


7. Vintage Sunnies and Accessories

If you’re wary about festival fashion veering into the bizarre, add small doses of vintage with a stand-out accessory. The Vault Collective in downtown Providence has an array of designer sunnies from Gypsy, quirky trucker hats and vintage silk scarves.

The Vault Collective, 235 Westminster St., Providence.


8. Colorful Blanket

This colorful blanket from Queen of Hearts and Modern Love is made in Mexico and captures the warmth, sun and carefree vibes you need for sitting on the grass, listening to your favorite artists. It’s also handy for when you want to sneak away for that siesta.

Blanket, $39, and cocktail sunnies by AJ Morgan, $19, Queen of Hearts and Modern Love, 222 Westminster St., Providence.


9. A Double-Duty Scarf

This square scarf from J Marcel acts as an of-the-moment accessory or as a way to keep the hair out of your face (while hiding some greasy locks) when used as a headscarf.

Look square bandana-style scarf, $9.95, J Marcel, 808 Hope St., Providence.


9. Local Tunes and an All-Purpose Bag

You might not even mind getting stuck in traffic if you let the music festival start early by blasting these local favorites (Boo City and Tallahassee) in your car on the way there. Both were recorded at the Columbus Theatre in Providence. Before you hit the road, round up your festival goodies and stash them in this easy-to-wash, no-fuss tote.

Boo City's Anchortown, $7, Tallahassee's Old Ways $15, farmer's tote bag $5, Queen of Hearts and Modern Love, 222 Westminster St., Providence.

Shop more local beauty products and essentials for a festival weekend (including a great local SPF and bug repellent) on the blog here.

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