GoPro Video: An Insider's Look into Providence Kickball

I strapped a GoPro video camera to my head to catch the action.

When I was in the sixth grade, I played Little League baseball. At one fateful practice, a teammate threw a pop fly for me to catch, one that I had a perfect view of, then lost in the sun, and then hit me square in the forehead before knocking me out. Any dreams of making it as a big leaguer were greatly diminished that day, which explains why I’m writing this instead of signing autographs or having a bobblehead modeled after myself.

Alas, I play in the Providence Kickball League, where talent level takes a backseat to enthusiasm and fun. That said, I do believe I play a pretty mean right field. Jackie Bradley Jr. (hopefully) would be proud. For last Saturday’s game, I strapped a GoPro to my head to catch the action. Luckily, no pop fly balls to the head…. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to play in the league or what the games are like, check it out below.

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