Good intention

Don’t know about you all, but I’m feeling a little frayed. Summer’s great and all, but constant commitments, visitors, and the feeling that I have a duty to squeeze every drop of fun possible out of the (rarely) sunny days can leave me quivering at my desk come Monday morning. So it was really nice that a friend followed up on a conversation we’d had a few days previously and sent me an email this morning about meditation sessions near my house.
I’m particularly thrilled because all the closed storefronts are one of the more depressing aspects of the recession, so since the Oop branch on Ives Street closed, I’ve been wondering if anything would take its place. Turns out Serlingpa Meditation Center has. In addition to their August retreat – a bit too much of a commitment for a neophyte like me – there’ll be drop-in sessions starting soon. Sounds like just what I need. I’m going to combine it with Rasoi‘s August offering of Ayurvedic cuisine (a Thali for $15, yum) to create some restorative Eastern medicine for my over-scheduled Western butt.
If I have time, that is.