Glory Days

I was thinking of you all when I was in Jamestown this weekend. I was there because I had company and couldn’t think where to bring them in the wet weather. I got the idea that the scenery at Beavertail State Park would be so lush-looking in the mist. True. It was so beautiful, it could seriously break your heart. We stood on the rocks by the lighthouse, and my friend turned to me and said, "I had no idea Rhode Island looked like this."

Afterward, we went to Newport, got soaked walking around the uncrowded streets, dried off for a while on the viewing platform at the International Yacht Restoration School (oh dreamy afternoon, sanding a hand-built boat, rain pouring down the windows), sat by the window for late lunch at Clarke Cooke House, drove back through the damp and sparkling East Bay. The sun gets all the glory, but the rain is too pretty. Even the muddy morning farmers’ market in Lippitt Park could have been a postcard: the kids in their rubber boots, the flowers and vegetables so bright in the gray weather.

When you live here, it can take a summer guest  to get you out the door for some exploring. But don’t wait for that, or you may miss it. June may be over, and the sun may be out again.