Getting Fit with Barrington Fitness Studio

The top-notch facility stands apart from its competition and offers a workout plan for athletes of all abilities.

Do you want to lose weight or gain muscle but don’t know where to start? We sat down with Michael Correia, owner of Barrington Fitness Studio, about the top-notch facility and how it stands apart from its competition.


What makes Barrington Fitness Studio different from any other fitness studio in the state?

Our approach is more holistic; we do what is called the three-sixty approach, meaning we cover all levels of health: Mental, cellular, physical, internal, external and more. We teach our clients to motivate themselves and we set them up for long-term success goals. We’re making a change in people’s lives and we notice differences being made; We are looking for success and we hold our customers accountable too. In addition, our clients are able to use the Keiser machines at our facility. Athletes enjoy [them] because it’s more than just strength that they are working on, but it’s also power training too.


What exactly is the Keiser system?

The Keiser system, founded by two brothers is a brand name and is a form of circuit-like training. We have ten pieces of Keiser equipment for our clients to use. They involve air pressure instead of free weights which enables constant resistance so that the weight never takes over momentum while working out.

Joe McKenna works with clients at Barrington Fitness Studio. What does training with him look like?

Joe McKenna has been in the fitness world for twenty years, where he is constantly leading and studying fitness. He works with clients to see if the mitochondria is working properly, but he also works their muscles from the inside out. He checks to see if their hydration levels are where they are supposed to be and he completes very slow repetitions during workouts which is fantastic for our older clients. With Joe, we ensure that muscle is being lost and then gained and we want to know what weight our clients are losing and how they are doing.


So, does Barrington Fitness Studio cater to all ages?

Younger clients want to come in to work on their strength, so we do get high school to collegiate athletes coming in. Our older clients either want to get into better shape or workout steadily if they are facing health issues. Muscle building is important for seniors because as they get older, the more muscle mass they lose. This can lead to a weaker immune system and illness, which in turn, can take a toll on someone.


Do professional athletes come in to the studio for training?

We did have the Dallas Cowboys’ coach come in and Joe has a history of working with boxers, Mixed Martial Arts Fighters and some football players, too.


Barrington Fitness Studio, 232 Waseca Ave., Barrington, 401-245-4250,


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