Get Your Drink on in Boston

What makes a bar worth traveling an hour for? Here’s a hint: no contrived drink menus, no visible bottles (thank God, enough with the dozen-plus varieties of Stoli on display), and no barkeeps who push appletinis as their signature drink. At chef Barbara Lynch’s newish subterranean Fort Point watering hole, Drink, in South Boston, the cocktail is celebrated — and elevated — to an art form.

This is a libation lab at its core, so prepare to experiment. Tell the ever accommodating mixologists what you like — i.e. gin, citrus, not too sweet…or sour — and maybe even some liqueurs you’ve been dying to try — Mezcal, Chartreuse, Aperol —  then watch as they meticulously craft to your specs. It’s a process that’s not meant to be rushed: Ice is chipped from fifty-pound blocks (using vintage tools), herbs are cut to order, and various house-made infusions and syrups are strategically added a drop at a time. Shaken or stirred, the end result is one of the most perfect pours outside Manhattan.

Open nightly 4 p.m.-1 a.m. 348 Congress St., Boston, MA, 1-617-695-1806,