Get a Taste of Rhode Island at Boston Public Market

The Boston Public Market's indoor year-round marketplace is featuring a Rhode Island Local Food Bazaar.

Jackie Duhamel at the Boston Public Market.

If you find yourself in Beantown anytime now through September 3, stop by the Boston Public Market for an innovative, healthy and delicious taste of Rhode Island. This indoor year-round marketplace, located on the ground floor of the Haymarket train station, features a Rhode Island Local Food Bazaar. Although Boston Public Market sells seasonal foods from local farmers, fishers and food entrepreneurs from all over New England, people from all over the world who are visiting Boston can get a taste of what Little Rhody is really like.

The nonprofit Partnership for Greater Providence is organizing and sponsoring the Rhode Island booth at the Boston Public Market as a sales co-op. Seventeen Rhode Island entrepreneurs are participating and will take turns each day selling the Rhode Island products to avoid the high costs of staffing a booth during the market’s hours.

“More and more, stakeholders in Providence and Boston are collaborating and forming partnerships,” says Betsy Santarlasci, the Partnership’s executive director, in a release. “We are hoping that if the sales are great, the sales co-op model will be a viable format for the makers to establish a permanent Rhode Island booth. Our State is a leader in food, and we deserve a prominent presence in this all-New England market.”

The rent and other costs are being paid by the Partnership for Greater Providence through an Industry Cluster Grant awarded in 2016 by the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation. In order to help the Rhode Island local food booth get up and running, the design firm Firebox Creative has also donated graphic design and merchandising materials. Paul Kubiski and his partner, Jackie Duhamel, own Firebox creative and Kubiski also produces Bootblack Brand cocktail syrups, one of the seventeen vendors that are selling their products at the Rhode Island booth.

The other sixteen great vendors you can expect to see are: Beautiful Day granola, Bellicchi’s Best Biscotti, Enjoyful cacao drinks, Farm True ghee, Fox Point Pickling, Harvest Kitchen of FarmFresh RI, Jack’s Snacks dog treats, Just Like Nana’s rugelach, Mesa Fresca chimichurri, Newport Sea Salt, Palm’s mojo sauce, Popette of Pendulum natural hard candies, Rogue Island sauces, Rhode Island Organics dressings, Sacred Cow granola and Wise Mouth tea beverages.

The Rhode Island local food booth is located between Sweet Lydia’s chocolates and Union Square Donuts. Shoppers who drive into the city and have to pay to park will only be charged a $3 maximum for three hours in the Haymarket Garage with a purchase validation. The Boston Public Market is open 8 a.m.–8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 10 a.m.–8 p.m. Sunday.


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