Get Ready for Bumper Cars on Ice in Providence

The Alex and Ani City Center skating rink is one of only three cities across the country – and the first outdoor rink – to acquire this unique activity.

Alex and Ani Citi Center skating rink features bumper cars. Photo from Alex and Ani Citi Center’s Facebook page.

When you think of ice rinks, the usual activities come to mind: ice skating, figure skating and hockey. Well, fasten your seatbelts, because Providence is about to bump up your expectations at the Alex and Ani City Center skating rink.

The downtown Providence skating rink is offering bumper cars on ice as a new attraction for the season. Providence is one of only three cities across the country – and the first outdoor rink – to acquire this unique activity that is open to the public and fun for all ages.

Watch the video here:

On Tuesday, Dec. 19, Mayor Jorge O. Elorza and the Providence Parks Department unveiled the latest source of winter entertainment.

“I’m certain that this unique winter attraction will be incredibly popular. I invite folks to come out, have fun, and enjoy all that downtown has to offer after they go for a ride,” Mayor Elorza says.

The addition to the outdoor rink is part of the city’s mission to turn downtown Providence into a more vibrant and active neighborhood. “I can already see families across Rhode Island enjoying bumper cars on ice in the heart of Providence,” Elorza says.

New hours of operation will accommodate shared and exclusive ice time for bumper cars and ice skating. The new schedule can be found at

To operate a bumper car alone, the driver must be at least six years old and at least forty-two inches tall. In order to carry a passenger, the operator must be at least sixteen years old and the passenger must be between three and five years old. Tickets for bumper cars are $12 per rider for twenty minutes. Children ages three to five ride free seated with an adult.

Imagine sitting in your bumper car, fastening your seatbelt and moving the joystick to control the car backwards, forwards and sideways across the ice within a full 360-degree radius. What are you waiting for? Come zoom around the ice and experience a thrill that few can say they have. The cars will be available starting tomorrow at 10 a.m.


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