I don’t consider myself an artist by any means and if given the option, I’d choose a keyboard and Microsoft Word over a paintbrush and canvas, but Fun-a-Day goes beyond the traditional idea of art. It is something even the most artistically pessimistic people like me can do.  

With the belief that “everyone is an artist and everything you make is art,” the Philadelphia-based Fun-a-Day has a pretty straightforward concept: pick a project, do it once a day through January and showcase your work at the big two-night non-juried group show Feb. 11–12. The word “project” might sound a little complex, but don’t worry; projects can be as simple as taking a picture, making a sandwich or even building a blanket fort. The ideas are virtually limitless, but January starts on Saturday so start brainstorming today (you know you want to!).

For more information, to sign up or for some extra motivation, check out Fun-a-Day Providence’s website.