From the Publisher: A Lobster Tale

Publisher John Palumbo indulges in some lobster love and lore in the July issue.

In a small fishing village, a mischievous local walks up the wharf carrying two three-pound lobsters, one in each hand, weeks after the season has ended.

Confronting him at the end of the wharf is the federal fisheries officer. Upon seeing the wriggling lobsters, the officer says, “Well, me laddie, I’ve got you this time, two lobsters after the season has closed.”

The ne’er do well quickly responds, “Nooo, you are wrong, sir! These are me two trained lobsters!”

“Trained?” the officer asks, intrigued.

With a twinkle in his eye the local explains, “You see, every day I take ’em from my house down to the wharf and put ’em in for a swim. After about fifteen minutes I whistle and up they come and I take them home.”

“Okay, prove it,” says the officer.

So they take the lobsters to the end of the wharf, drop them in the water and after fifteen minutes, the officer asks, “How about whistling?”

“For what?” says the local.

“The lobsters.”

“What lobsters?”

Associate editor Jamie Coelho knows a thing or two about lobsters after researching and coordinating this issue’s “Lobster Love.” If it’s about Rhode Island’s favorite crustacean, it’s in here: where to buy lobster, how to pick the right one for the pot, what makes a great lobster roll, fifteen top lobster dishes, chefs’ recipes and more.

Q: What did the lobster say before dinner?

A: Looks like I’m in hot water!

Enjoy the Rhode. –J.J.P.