Free Cooking Classes

My colleague Lisa’s recent post about her non-existent gardening skills got me thinking about my own domestic shortcomings. And, since I just moved into my first “real” (post-college) apartment a couple months ago, my to-learn list looms long. But I’ve got to start somewhere. Why not in the kitchen? (The fact that my fire alarm goes off every time I attempt to cook something is really starting to annoy the neighbors.)

Rhode Island has many great cooking class options—Johnson & Wales’ Chef’s Choice program, Chef Walter’s Cooking School, RISD’s continuing education department, etc.—but they aren’t cheap. So I was thrilled when I recently discovered Trio in Narragansett regularly offers free (!) classes with chefs from Newport Restaurant Group (which owns Trio as well as several other restaurants, including 22 Bowen’s, Castle Hill Inn and Waterman Grille).

Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday, March 31: Cookies and biscotti with Castle Hill pastry chef Jon Marston and Trio pastry chef Kristin Beaupre.

Tuesday, April 7: Candy and chocolate making with pastry chefs Jon Marston and Kristin Beaupre.
Tuesday, April 21: Grilling class with Jon Cambra, executive chef at Castle Hill.
Classes are limited to fifteen attendees and begin at 5:30 p.m. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 792-4333 after 12 p.m.