Five Juice Spots to Get Your Health Drink Fix

When in doubt, drink juice.
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Five Juice Spots to Get Your Health Drink Fix

By Samantha Labrecque

When you have a good blender and quality ingredients, you can easily make a healthy and delicious smoothie. But what about the times when you’re on the run and these items are not accessible to you? We rounded up several local juice bars where you can get one of these nutrient dense drinks to keep you hydrated and healthy all day long.

Raw Power Juice Bar

Green smoothies typically consist of raw, leafy vegetables, usually spinach, kale, parsley or broccoli, all chopped and mixed together to form one heck of a veggie drink — something that tastes like the smell of fresh cut grass, if you will. Just because a healthy drink is green however, doesn’t mean it is going to taste like grass. Raw Power Juice Bar’s Green Power juice consists of apples, pears, cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger. For an additional charge you can add on cilantro, spinach and kale if you want  to amp up the veggie presence.

6 Broadway, Newport, 847-2727,

Benefit Juice Bar and Café

If you’re looking for the best on Benefit, then look no further than the Benefit Juice Bar and Café. They serve up fresh, made-to-order juices such as the Bunny Foo-Foo which contains carrots and apples, a drink even the kids could enjoy! Benefit Juice Bar also serves whole fruit smoothies including the Omega Boost which blends together mangos, strawberries, pineapples, almond milk and chia seeds. For an additional charge and an extra boost, add whey protein or antioxidants to your blend! 404 Benefit St., Providence, 274-6403,

Raw Bob’s Organic Juicery

This all organic juice bar blends green smoothies, fruit smoothies and juice using fresh fruits and veggies, but what sets them apart is their organic frozen pooch pops (yes, you heard correctly). Both you and your best pal can drink (and eat) your way to health. Fresh pineapples, mangos, strawberries, oranges and beets are mixed together to form a tropical vacation in your mouth. Can you say delish? Don’t forget to check out their friends with benefits — you can add supplements to your drink for that extra boost! 333 Main St., East Greenwich, 884-3331,

Hightide Juice Co.

Stop searching for wicked good juice because the Hightide Juice Co. in Westerly has just what you need. Try whole vegetables juiced for a simple blend or if you are looking for something with a kick, order the Ka-pow! Juice. Mixed with tomatoes, carrots, beets, celery, spinach and jalapenos, this blend is sure to spice things up! Merchants Square, Beach St., Westerly, 596-1736,