Five Farmers Markets to Load Up on Healthy Goodies

Make the most of summer's late harvest with these local farmers markets.
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Five Farmers Markets to Load Up on Healthy Goodies

While doughnuts and ice cream sandies might be all the rage (and we admit to stopping at PVDonuts more than we should), a tote bag full of fresh veggies can be just as exciting and  the best part is, they’re actually good for you. Head to one of these local farmers markets where you can load up on all the naturally good-for-you foods that local growers have to offer.

Click the dots below to see each market.

Hope Street Farmers Market

Located at Lippitt Park near quaint Hope Street, this farmer’s Market is a urban bazaar laden with all that’s good to eat. Not only can you get farm-raised meats, crusty, fresh-baked breads and veggies just pulled from the earth, there are also food trucks on hand to satiate your immediate hunger.

Lippitt Memorial Park, Blackstone Blvd., Providence.

Pawtuxet Village Farmers Market

One of the oldest farmers markets in the state, the Pawtuxet Village Farmer’s Market showcases a bounty of in-season produce. Catch the last of the corn and tomatoes as they hit peak ripeness, or grab some fresh fish from the Local Catch for a healthy, light summer meal.

Rhodes on the Pawtuxet, 60 Rhodes Place, Cranston.

Hope and Main Schoolyard Market

Hope and Main is a food incubator located in Warren, and not only do they help budding food entrepreneurs learn the tools of the trade, they also  host a jam-packed farmer’s market with more than forty-eight vendors (including their food businesses). And the best part is, not only can you pick up products from their startups, you can also sample them: From healthful Chi Kitchen kimchi, to the sinful Anchor Toffee (because everyone needs a sweet treat once in a while).

691 Main St., Warren

South Kingstown Farmers Market

South County dwellers, have we got a market for you. The South Kingstown Farmers market is close to many of the farms and orchards that grow the food sold, so you can’t get more farm-to-table than this. Fill your tote bag with seasonal treats like peaches, cucumbers and grass fed pork, and hydrate your healthy food hunt with juice from Fully Rooted. Oh, and there’s live music to hum along with as you peruse the radishes.

1425 Kingstown Rd., South Kingstown

RI Organic Farm Market

For the busy person who wants to eat farm-fresh but doesn’t know a good beet from a bad one, this might be the perfect solution. RI Organic Farm Market delivers fresh organic produce to your door with various subscription plans showcasing the season’s best. It might not be an in-person market, but who wouldn’t want a farmers market delivered to their door?


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