Where to Find Global Cheap Eats in Rhode Island

From Colombian to Vietnamese to Indian, these international restaurants will keep your wallet in check.

Door Delivery

These apps make it easy to get takeout from restaurants right to your doorstep. By April Federico

Sometimes you might crave a specific restaurant’s food, but you don’t want to leave the house — hello brisk temperatures and cozy blankets. Now that technology rules the world, you can order food for delivery from most Rhode Island restaurants right at your fingertips.

DoorDash. Fulfill your cravings from anywhere with a whopping selection of restaurant options like Flames, Kabob and Curry, Orkide and so much more. doordash.com

Seamless. Easy and stress-free ordering systems get almost any food you want in Rhode Island delivered to you. seamless.com

UberEats. Browse restaurants, order your food from any of the featured spots in Rhode Island and then track your order on the UberEats app; it’s that simple. ubereats.com

Ezcater. Ezcater delivers all around the Ocean State with more than 100 restaurant options. ezcater.com

Grub Hub. Order for pickup or delivery from any of the restaurants featured on Grub Hub —from pizza and hamburgers, Chinese and Indian to Tex-Mex. grubhub.com

EatStreet. Pick from a variety of food options — breakfast, burgers, sushi, wings, pizza, subs and sandwiches — from ninety-three restaurants in Rhode Island. You have the option of delivery or takeout. eatstreet.com

HungryRhody. HungryRhody is an online delivery site that serves Bonnet Shores, Exeter, Jamestown, Kingston, Middletown, Peace Dale, Providence, Narragansett, Newport and Wakefield. hungryrhody.com

Menufy. Order from twenty restaurant options including UMelt Downtown, Aloha Pizza, New Beijing Restaurant and more. menufy.com

On The Bibimbap Beat

Visit the best spots for the traditional Korean dish served in a hot stone pot.

Bibimbap is a Korean dish of rice, meat and vegetables cooked over fire in a hot stone pot that crisps the rice on the bottom. It’s often served with a raw or fried egg on top, and sides of bean sprouts, gochujang (a fermented red chili paste condiment), kimchi or seaweed salad. Here’s where you can try it:

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Hot stone bibimbap with shrimp and a sunnyside egg at Den Den. Photograph by Angel Tucker.

Den Den Cafe Asiana
The sizzling bibimbap is Den Den’s signature dish, cooked in a hot stone bowl
directly on the fire to make the rice extra crispy. Choose your protein served with sauteed vegetables (kale, zucchini, carrots, spinach, peppers and radishes) and kimchi and douse it all with spicy gochujang or citrus garlic soy sauce. Den Den offers Korean beef, spicy pork, spicy chicken, teriyaki chicken, seafood or go vegetarian with tofu or mixed mushrooms. 161 Benefit St., Providence, 270-5269, dendenhospitality.com/dendencafe

Sun and Moon
Dol-sot means stone pot, so make sure you specify, as it can also be served it in a bowl. Pick from beef, short rib, shrimp, beef bulgogi or opt for tofu, mixed with six kinds of vegetables, including carrot, zucchini, white radish, bean sprouts, fern and spinach. The ingredients meld together with spicy gochujang. 95 Warren Ave., East Providence, 435-0214​, sunandmoonkorean.com

The Ivy Tavern
This East Side spot’s unexpected specialty appears on a menu that lists items like burgers, fries and wings. The Ivy’s version is served in a hot stone pot that’s filled with steamed rice, sauteed mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, squash, bean sprouts and spinach, topped with a sunnyside egg and your choice of bulgogi steak, spicy pork, grilled chicken or tofu with gochujang paste and sesame soy sauce. 758 Hope St., Providence, 421-4489, ivytavernri.com

Mokban’s version blends crispy black and white rice with carrots, spinach, zucchini, cabbage, radish and raw bean sprouts with your choice of beef, pork, chicken or tofu crowned with a sunnyside-up egg. You can customize your dish with seaweed salad, kimchi, tuna salad and sauces that are served on the side; simply break the egg yolk and mix it up. 217 Westminster St., Providence, 331-1651, mokban.com –J.C.


The Buffet Line

Get a taste of the whole menu with these notable spreads.

Location: Godavari
Cuisine: South Indian
356 Mendon Rd., Cumberland, 727-0036, godavarius.com/rhodeisland
Size: There’s a constant spread of dishes that range from vegan and vegetarian to shrimp tikka and chicken curry. Weekend buffets include up to thirty-five selections.
Price: Weekday Lunch: $9.99 (Mon.–Thurs.) $12.99 (Fri.) Weekends: $14.99–$15.99
Coolest Item: Karela, or fried bitter gourd, is a vegetable grown in India, Asia, Africa and South America. It stimulates the appetite and has many health benefits.
The Verdict: It’s a quick lunch option with no waiting time, and dishes that appeal to various diets. We won’t tell if you go up three times. Just use a clean plate, for the sake of all of us, please.

Location: Hong Kong Buffet
Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese and American
1776 Cranston St., Cranston, 942-8888, hongkongbuffetri.com
Size: Going strong since 1987, this Chinese buffet features a salad bar, sushi and American and Asian options; prime rib and steak filets on weekends.
Price: Lunch: $9.50, Dinner: $13.50, (Mon.–Thurs.) , $14.50 (Fri.–Sun.)
Coolest Item: Sushi burritos rolled up in nori with rice, avocado, beets, corn, lettuce, imitation crab and spicy mayo.
The Verdict: Better wear stretchy pants, because once you fill your plate, there’s always going back for more.

Location: Yumi Garden Buffet
Cuisine: Sushi and Chinese
872 West Main Rd., Middletown, 848-2588, yumigardenbuffet.com
Size: Expect more than forty sushi and sashimi varieties, and 100 hot entrees, plus hibachi items
Price: Lunch: $8.95, Dinner: $13.95, Kids 3–12, Lunch: $3.49–$8.48, Dinner: $3.99–$11.95, Children younger than 2: Free
Coolest Item: All-you-can-eat crab legs for dinner and on weekends.
The Verdict: When it’s sushi, calories don’t count.

Location: Bombay Club
Cuisine: Northern Indian
145 Dean St., Providence, 273-6363, bombayclubri.com
Size: Samosas, pakoras, biryani, kabobs, halal-certified meats and more.
Price: $11.99 per person
Coolest Item: Veggies and potatoes are fried in gluten-free chickpea batter.
The Verdict: The perfect place for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free and meat-eaters to meet over a meal. –J.C.

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