It’s September! I’ve never in my life been happy to see summer on its way out, but this year, meh. We’ve been cheated and mistreated. On to fall, the season of leaves and pies. (My own love for fall goes back to first grade when I was moved to compose a little song about it on my recorder. It went: "The fall is here, here. The fall is here, here. It is here, here, here." Hey, don’t try to tell me what was here – I knew.) Anyway, I was down in Watch Hill for a bit on Friday morning, and the chill was in the air! One mother by the carousel was griping to her daughter every time she rode by on her little horse – "It’s no beach day, is it, Grace!" Then I got on the sidewalk behind a sweet-looking couple, huddled together in the drizzle. "What else would you like to do today? Would you like to stop by Mystic?" said the guy. "I want to go home!" the woman barked. She really did bark.

This is why September is such a good month. The summer people can be happy they’ve still got a few more weeks, the fall people can be happy they’ve only got a few more weeks, and we can all chill out because there’s lots of great stuff happening. Starting with the anticipation of this. 🙂