Fifth and Ninth Designs Cool iPhone Gadgets

The company is based in Narragansett.
fifth ninth
Courtesy of Fifth and Ninth.

Fifth and Ninth Avenues are the streets that border the fashion district in New York City, a place that Bryce McGillivray knows all too well. After working there, she returned home to Rhode Island to found the tech accessory company Fifth and Ninth, which produces trendy phone cases and other useful gadgets. McGillivray created the Beauty Bank, a multi-function, three-in-one glam device that combines a compact mirror, vanity light and phone charger.

McGillivray grew up in South Kingstown and graduated from the University of Rhode Island. She dreamed of being a New York fashion writer, so she packed her bags for an internship at a public relations firm in the Big Apple, and then became an executive assistant for a PR mogul. After experiencing the cutthroat fashion biz firsthand, McGillivray realized it was not for her. Around the same time, she faced life-changing news.

“I moved home because I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma,” she says. “After surgery, it was a fresh start for me.”

Shortly after recovery, she met Mark Mesrobian, who was instrumental in giving her the creative freedom within a marketing consulting business to develop the Beauty Bank. McGillivray hopes to turn Fifth and Ninth into a lifestyle brand with popup shops in major cities all over the United States, as well as an office in Los Angeles.

As Fifth and Ninth celebrates its first year, the team is partnering with large retailers and social media influencers for a global push. McGillivray is bringing her passion for fashion from the streets of New York back to Narragansett.

“My number one mission is to be a safe house for [women] who want to express themselves and love the basics of what the industry stands for,” she says.


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