Field Trip: The Cinema Pub

A few months ago, I found out about the Route One Cinema Pub in North Attleboro. I sort of adored it. It’s $6, or two-for-one on Mondays and Tuesdays, and not so much a pub as a perfectly nice cafeteria with movie snacks, pub fare, beer and wine. (It’s not good wine, oh readers, but I wish I could have knocked back a glass of anything during totally nutty Black Swan, for example.)

The movies are second-run, so they’re showing stuff like The Social Network, The Tourist and Megagmind right now. Don’t pick something that requires too much attention; if you’re the type who gets fidgety in a swivel chair or easily distracted trying to figure out why the guy at the next table got bowls and a ketchup with his Twizzlers, it’s easy to wind up in the second hour of Wall Street 2 with no idea what is going on.

Still, it was pretty fun. Here you go.